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10 Foods You Must Try in Singapore

10 Foods You Must Try in Singapore

If it's food you're after then Singapore has it all. Make sure you don't miss out on these iconic dishes.




Feb 10, 2015






About the Guidebook

There are literally thousands of food options in Singapore and for any visitor the sheer choice can be overwhelming. This guide leads you on a discovery of 10 of the very best foods that Singapore has to offer. None of them will break the budget but all of them will leave you salivating for your next meal on our wonderful little island. 

Many of the choices are popular local foods and can be found in the hawker centres that dot the island. Sometimes though there is a particular location that specialises in a dish and you really should try to visit that particular stall, I've included stall numbers and details in the guide for your convenience. 

I've also included a few extra choices that warrant a mention, even if they're not in the top 10. 

You can use this guide as a way to plan your days around the island, stopping off for one of the many food choices when you're in a particular part of town. I've included options that are dotted around the island. 

Have a wonderful food filled visit to Singapore!

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Aside from the 10 Must Try Foods I've included in this guide, there are a few extras that you may be interested in. 

*Durian, also known as the "King of Fruits" is a tropical fruit that exudes an extremely strong odour. It's so strong that it's banned on public transport. If you want to try some then between around May and September you'll find stalls selling this spikey fruit around Chinatown in Trengganu Road, or along Geylang Road. 

*Carrot cake is a famous local dish that is mostly sold in hawker centres. Rice flour is mixed with radish and cooked into a cake that is then sliced up and mixed with egg, scallions, garlic and herbs to create an omelette like substance. There is also a black carrot cake that has molasses mixed into it. 

*Tiong Bahru Bakery is a French style bakery that sells possibly the best croissants this side of Paris. The area around Tiong Bahru is a fascinating mix of West and East and you could easily spend a day here eating a croissant for breakfast followed by carrot cake for lunch. 

*Otah, or otak, is a unique Peranakan dish (the local cuisine established by the Malay women who married Chinese immigrants in the 19th century). Spices are mixed in with minced fish to create a fish cake that is then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled or steamed. It's spicy but very tasty! You can get a good one at The Blue Ginger restaurant (listed in the guide) or at Nam San Mackerel Otah at 261 Joo Chiat Road (it's just a shop front to buy take away, it's open 24 hours)


About the Author

Following a successful professional career in the music industry and government I've established myself as a travel and food writer in my new home of Singapore. I basically live to travel and eat (and help others do the same).

  • Joe Cronin
    Joe Cronin

    Great article. Makes your mouth water just reading it. Can't wait to visit some of these places when I visit Singapore next month!!