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48 Food Fuelled Hours in Singapore

48 Food Fuelled Hours in Singapore

Food is the passion that runs through the heart of Singapore. This independently curated list ensures you eat well for 48 hours




Nov 13, 2017



About the Guidebook

Food is arguably the one thing that unites all Singaporeans. Whether expats or locals of Chinese, Malay or Indian descent, everyone is at least a little obsessed with food. One unique aspect of the street food in Singapore is that it is no longer on the street. The government created 'hawker centres' in the 70's to consolidate street food vendors and ensure that health standards were kept at the highest levels whilst food prices were kept at the lowest levels. It is for this reason that no matter what your income you can still afford to eat like a king in Singapore. 

This 48 hour guide takes you through the best of the hawker centres and markets, throwing in some tourist sites along the way and finishing with dinner at a typical Peranakan restaurant that highlights the unique flavours of Singapore, a tasty and unusual mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cooking that will delight your tastebuds. 

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

The advantage of being a relative newcomer to Singapore is that you can view the food culture with new eyes. What I love the most about Singapore is the contrast between wonderful and cheap hawker food and high end restaurants catering to global tastes. I enjoy all these things and I have an eye for what visitors to our wonderful island enjoy. I've toured friends and family through town as well as newcomers and strangers. All of these groups have given me insight into the best places to visit, eat and shop and it's all from an independent perspective, rather than someone trying to sell you a particular brand or establishment.  

Singapore combines the best of South East Asian food in a country that has the very best of first world luxuries. Travelling around is easy be it on public transport, taxis or cars. Food is cheap and generally very good and Singaporeans all speak English. 

Although many of the top name tourist sites are worth seeing (Gardens by the Bay in particular) much of the view of 'sterilised' Singapore comes from people who spend a lot of time in air conditioned malls like Marina Bay Sands. Step onto the street and into the hawker centres and you'll discover a whole new world. 

I've scouted around the hawker centres and found the best stalls for chicken rice, fish soup, roti prata and more. What's more I can direct you to the best local restaurants, quirky cocktail bars and interesting sights and streets where you can spend your time in Singapore.  

Enjoy the best of everything with a Singapore Foodie!

About the Author

Following a successful professional career in the music industry and government I've established myself as a travel and food writer in my new home of Singapore. I basically live to travel and eat (and help others do the same).

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