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48 Hours Tokyo on $30 a day

48 Hours Tokyo

on $30 a day

People say Japan is expensive. It doesn't have to be. Here's how to make the most of your trip to Tokyo in a budget friendly way.




Sep 16, 2014



About the Guidebook

 From Sumo wrestlers to fish markets, manga culture to capsule hotels,there’s a cool, but weird side to Tokyo culture. Hang on, because for the next 48 hours, we're going to hit the crazy racetrack of this fast and fun city!

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

I’ve long been waiting to visit Japan. But I kept holding myself back. Each person I spoke to came back reporting one thing,  “Japan is expensive.”  One friend recommended a budget of $100/day; another termed it wallet rape.

I may come across as sorta brave for being a female solo traveler, but one thing I’m not courageous about, is cutting a hole in my wallet, during economic recession or when I’m relatively unemployed.

So I thought about avoiding Tokyo altogether… or doing a chicken run of something short, like two days. But I really wanted to experience this city. So my fear turned into a dare and then a challenge. Maybe it was a matter of travel styles or financial priorities; maybe some just caved towards the popular belief that Tokyo is naturally expensive. As a girl with a camera, who likes to burn calories when I walk (it beats a gym), my needs are pretty simple.  

I booked five days in Tokyo, to see what fun could be had on a small budget and where, as a traveler, I might find budget loopholes.

My Tokyo budget cost me on the average $30-35/day, taking into account I did a lot of free to cheap things.

...I met travelers, who were doing it for less!

This guide will show you most of my itinerary and few alternate options I chose to dice my budget down. 

Note on budget traveling: There's times you'll want to splurge in order to enhance your experience of a country and try things you've always dreamt of. After all, you've just spent a ton of money to get there and for many, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'm strict with my budget but I don't count pennies. But if I splurge in one area, I'll tighten up my spending in another.  


Let me share with you the art of 'travel survival' and how to live your GRRR in travel. - GRRRLTRAVELER

About the Author

I'm an female solo traveler, who has been writing about her travels and shooting and producing travel videos to share with others. My site, GRRRLTRAVELER.COM a fun, informative travel blog offering solo travel advice and travel survival tips for destinations in Southeast Asia, Asia and more. I help others find their GRRR for travel!

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