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Ape Town – Monkey on the loose with no mother in the city

Ape Town – Monkey on the loose with no mother in the city

Offering some of the most exciting, adrenaline releasing things to do in Cape Town. There's no running to mommy on this one. 




Feb 5, 2014



About the Guidebook

This guide is a mixture of crazy, extreme activities, all of which offer elements of sight seeing and adrenaline. With no specific itinerary, you select the activity which calls out to you, or do them all if you have the time. The best thing about the activities in this guide is that they all offer an aspect of Cape Town which you won't see from doing the normal touristy thing. Some of the listed activities are a full day, some are just a few hours, but all will offer exciting times and those unforgettable moments in your life.

The elements dictate this guide:

Wind – Paragliding from Lion's Head and kite-surfing a gust.

Water – Power boating, facing a Great White, and some deep sea fishing.

Fire – Burning some fuel while powering around Cape Town in an AC Cobra.

Earth – Stomping your feet at an outdoor party, tanning your backside on Sandy                         bay, and abseiling off Table mountain.

This guide would be great for friends, a couple looking for some excitement, or even a bachelors party.  It's time to go wild! 

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Growing up in Cape Town, and after spending over two years working at A-list locations in Camps Bay, servicing tourists and locals, I have built up some great knowledge, of various activities and what to recommend to people looking for something exciting, mainstream, or different in Cape Town.


With regard to the activities in this guide it is always wise to book in advance, although all the activities listed are weather dependant, which can be a bit tricky. For the best, most accurate weather updates check out: http://www.yr.no/place/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Cape_Town - as with a lot of things in Africa, there are unknown elements of unreliability, and hence we have found that the Norwegians seem to know what is potting when it come to weather in Cape Town, so we choose to look else where for accurate weather updates for Cape Town.

Cape Town traffic can be very congested at times, especially during peak season (December/January), planning around this will save you time and frustration.  

About the Author

I've lived and worked all around Cape Town, this has allowed me to be exposed to the many different aspects, cultures, and secret spots in Cape Town. Having a need to keep things fresh and exciting, I have allowed my attention and thoughts to focus on various aspects of life, culture, social, and the constant, exciting evolution, that Cape Town and South Africa have to offer.

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