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Buggl let’s you make money sharing your travel knowledge

Join our community of travelers sharing their insider secrets with amazing people around the world.

Write your first travel guide (it's free)

Design a guide and create your own story.

Why design a travel guide?

  1. If you have friends or family coming into town to visit who need help and advice on where to stay, what to eat and where to go.

  2. If you’ve taken epic travels abroad that you want to remember in the future or share out with friends to show them how to do it.

  3. If you’re an insider at home or abroad that has knowledge about a particular destination that’s worthwhile to share to friends or to an online audience you already have.

Begin earning money in 3 simple steps:

  • Design A Guide

    Make a beautiful travel guide with an itinerary in minutes.

  • Share Secrets

    Put a price on your favorite places, hangouts and secrets that travelers should know about.

  • Custom Requests

    Field worldwide requests from people who are willing to pay for your knowledge

Sharing your travel knowledge means you can...

  • Become a Global Influencer.

    Gain credibility and get noticed worldwide by sharing knowledge with travelers from around the world. Seek others like you out on your next trip away.

  • Tell your story.

    Enjoy the thrill of helping people like you learn what to experience where you live. Give people the real story behind your city, country or region.

  • Earn Money.

    Make additional income or turn the love for your area into a real business. It's time you put your knowledge to use and helped travelers gather real advice.

  • Help your community.

    Tell people the right places to go and things to do. Bring awareness to lesser known events and locations otherwise forgotten from old travel guides and websites.

What every Buggl Expert gets in return:

  • Flexible Pricing

    Set the price on what you think your knowledge is worth and adjust accordingly. Create a full itinerary or share a few secret places only you can help people find.

  • Online Transactions

    Buggl handles all payments to ensure you get paid, and on time. Our platform allows you to accept credit cards from anywhere in the world, securely.

  • Easy-to-use

    Our build a guide process allows you to easily create, edit and promote your travel guides at anytime. The Buggl dashboard gives you complete control over monitoring your payments and viewing customer data.

  • Expert Perks

    Once invited into our community you'll have access to exclusive perks. How much depends on the quality of how you design a travel guide or share a few secrets.