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The recipe for a perfect trip

Travel Tips
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Everyday people dream of traveling.  Personally, I think about traveling more than I think about more obvious simple pleasures, but to me there is nothing better than thinking about the next destination that is going to change me for the better.

I wanted share what I think are the most important elements to keep in mind when you move from the dreaming to stage:

  1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before:  It’s a very overlooked part of trip planning.  Google flight search is a great way to see places around the world that are within your budget and give you new ideas instead of being a repeat destination offender.  You will be surprised with the plethora of areas in the world that are cheaper or on par than your same old vacation you do every year with the family, significant other or buddies.  You can go away to Costa Rica and live in a rainforest for cheaper than you can fly from NYC or Boston to Vegas.
  2. Keep it open ended:  People like to have plans set in stone, reservations books and maps printed out.  It’s ok to be anal-retentive at home, at work and around where you live, but travel is meant for the unexpected.  The best memories and challenges are made when they’re met head on with resourcefulness and instinct.  While it’s recommended to book a hotel if you’re going to NYC for Christmas, try to leave a day open for exploring a new neighborhood. Think of this as keeping your brain fresh and engaged as it ultimately will lead to better productivity back at work after your trip.  Go away and ditch most of your terrible travel apps for a hotel reservation and a city you can manage to explore in a few days knowing nothing.  Walk around, talk to people who live there about where to go and just be curious.  There’s no app to be more human, get out of your hermit zone in the city you live in and create a new memory for a weekend.
  3. Go with someone new or solo:  A solo trip I took changed my life and it will alter your life as well.  Independence is a wonderful thing and it’s tough to accomplish living in a city with all the creature comforts around you – including a partner or family and friends at your fingertips of a keyboard, phone or car.  As long as you’re not planning on trekking through the Pakistani mountains alone without a guide, solo traveling is a safe adventure.  You can learn some really amazing things about yourself that have long been forgotten since you were a crazed kid running around without anyone telling you what to do.  It’s quite a freeing experience, even if it’s for a weekend.  Plan a fly fishing expedition in Wyoming, attend a music festival, take an uncharted scenic drive along a coastline.
  4. Come home mentally exhausted, not impaired:  If you’re past the age of going on spring break, it’s time to reflect that in where you travel to.  As you grow up it’s important to start refining your strengths and passions, so start thinking about places you can start exploring them on a regional or global scale.  If you still enjoy beer, then why not go to Belgium or Bavaria and spend a week drinking the world’s best hops?  If you love hiking and nature, check out Glacier National Park.  It’s time to graduate from improving your tolerance at some shitty Vegas bar and onto your understanding of interesting wines or how the game of cricket is played in India.
  5. Pack what you need, not what you think you need in case of the end of the world:  How many times have you come home from a trip and not worn half the clothes you brought, but lugged that suitcase around for days? Everything you travel with should fit under your seat and in the overhead compartment.  It’s touristy to bring 4 bags of crap for a weekend trip and doesn’t allow for flexibility to alter  a plan by jumping on a small planes to new places.  You stand out like a sore thumb with your matching Louis Vuitton luggage, while you blend in with your backpack and hiking boots.  When you don’t reek of a tourist it means that locals will be more apt to share details and secrets with you, as well as a whole host of other things, but most importantly you won’t be limited with what you want to do based on the size and weight of your suitcase.

I’m sure we’re missing some stuff at Buggl, but if you need inspiration from top travelers around the world check out some of the amazing travel guides that have been designed and shared here.  Do you have an inspiring trip you just went on that you want to share, or secret tips about where you live?  Buggl is the place to create those memories and earn income doing so.

Safe Travels,

The Buggl Tribe.


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