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Why use Buggl?

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You may be asking yourself, why should I use Buggl? A valid question indeed! There are thousands of websites, books, magazines  and self-proclaimed world travelers, waiting for you to take an interest in them and give them your hard earned money! In most cases, you have never heard of these people, have no way to know if they know what they are talking about, or the information is already outdated (ughmm, Lonely Planet).

Don’t feel bad, I have done the same mistake; shown up to a foriegn country, guide book at hand, only to find out that the only information correct is that the Leaning Tower is still there but failing to mention that the ‘Top Rated’ restaurant closed three months earlier! What the!

So we decided it was time to create a platform that would allow travelers like yourself, access to the updated travel information with an extremely local component. No longer will your travel advice be from someone passing through town; it is the person that lives and breathes the city air, it the person who will reference you their favorite bartender known for hooking up free shots, or the fashion buyer that has a connection to an underground boutique in Milan.

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