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Oct 16

How to improve your blog

Travel Tips
Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by Derek No Comments

The advent of the blog and its relevance today cannot be underscored.  It’s given millions of people around the world with access to computers the ability to share stories, personal life lessons, talents and travel tales.  We can read someones blog and vicariously live through them or relate in some way.  Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and others have given bloggers and internet users a very easy way to turn thoughts, skills and talents into viable online businesses which didn’t exist years ago.

With the rise of any new way to access information comes with several large problems.  As it relates to blogging about travel, food, wine or any destination related activity that result is fragmentation.  It’s extremely difficult to pick through the good and bad travel blogs and find one that you come away with inspired knowledge to educate you on your next trip abroad or to a new neighborhood in your city.

Reader of blogs want more resources after they finish a post.  If you’re writing about amazing wines in Spain, hipster bars in Germany or the best tour operators in South Africa it’s important that you not only tell the story, but give the readers something they can physically touch and feel after they read.

We created Buggl as a way for the world’s best storytellers online create and design guides around the places they’re blogging about.  Take your travel stories, secret places, tips and in minutes, design beautiful and fresh travel guides that can be shared out social networks, downloaded to any device and priced by you.

If you don’t have a blog, create one, or just share your knowledge on our platform.  We strongly feel that we’re creating a very beautiful and easy way for travelers to discover interesting people and travel stories.  At the same time, we’re giving storytellers a cool way to deliver that content out.  We think that any strong blogger or writer online wanting to give their readers more information will view Buggl as a great resource and product to improve their revenue, engagement and awareness.

Happy Designing!