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Nov 11

How to improve your or rental listing

Travel Tips
Posted on: November 11th, 2013 by Derek 1 Comment

I recently took a trip to Paris where I decided on using instead of a hotel.  I was pleasantly surprised by my experience in a few ways, but most of all the way in which I felt like a Parisian almost immediately upon putting my bags down.

Our host Benoit met us at his door, pulling up in a moped wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket and a baguette / bottle of wine attached to the back. My immediate thought was, “was this guy hired by to look like a local or play the part of a frenchman perfectly?”.  Upon exchanging pleasantries and trying out my limited French that was buried since high school, he led us back to his apartment where he asked us if we knew what to do in the neighborhood. After answering no, he gave us a short list of his favorite places to eat, drink, see and experience.

From that experience, we at Buggl tried to apply some style and improve upon what Benoit could have possibly done better to heighten our experience.  We built Buggl for all the Benoit’s out there – people who are sharing global experiences in travel and local and would like to have an edge over their competitors.

In a matter of minutes, anyone can design a custom travel guide on our platform and share that to the world.  Whether you have a blog about travel, an apartment listing to share or just feel the need to describe a future, present or past event that was meaningful – Buggl is the perfect way to share your experiences. You’re able to compile the list of your secret places, plan out itineraries and share insight into where you live or travel to.

I would think that any host providing this type of guide and level of service to his / her guests would result in future bookings, viral word of mouth and an overall better experience when customers visit.  So if you want to improve your rental listing online, guests experiences in the B&B, hotel or hostel you run or in any online / offline travel business; please visit and start designing beautiful travel guides for your customers.

Oct 16

Why should I design a travel guide?

Travel Tips
Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by Derek No Comments

In the words of Derek Zoolander, “How bout I answer your question with another question?”  Why would you write an online review about a restaurant, hotel, or bar on a travel or travel review site?

If you have something to share about a destination upon returning from a trip, you generally post photos on a social network or turn to a review site to spend several minutes raving or blasting a place about your experience.  The second you hit submit on that review it’s lost forever, buried under the thousands, if not tens of thousands of other reviews.  It’s also well documented that while many reviews are real, some are fake and most are out of date and not relevant to anyone.  The review sites take a complex algorithm and place your comments into a black hole, while padding their bottom line of revenue to shareholders.

While this is great for sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor or Fodor’s, it’s terrible for any other traveler and it’s bad for you.  You don’t see any real reward for writing that review – no compensation for your time or effort or even a thank you from another traveler who days or weeks finds that review and it helps educate them.  All it accomplishes is make travel planning harder to do for other travelers to scour through another review site to find mismatched advice.

So that leads us back to the question, why should you design a travel guide?  If you have knowledge about where you live or places you’ve traveled to it’s time you earned income sharing that information while also having a place you could simply store it when people you know needed it.  Imagine if every time someone clicked on your review on TripAdvisor you were paid, that’s what we’re trying to do here at Buggl.  Sharing travel knowledge for your friends and family to access, while at the same time putting that information on a marketplace that people who resonate with your background can access and purchase.

So while it may take an additional amount of time to put together a nice travel guide, in the end it’s worth it.  You end up with a beautiful travel guide that you can share out to social networks, promote on your blog and store for family and friends who visit.  Design a guide around the coolest bars in your city, a 3 day long weekend for friends visiting or your last trip abroad that your friends are bugging you about information on.

Start designing and discovering.