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Digital travel guide to visit Barcelona

Digital travel guide to visit Barcelona

If you are planning an interrail trip to Europe, and you are thinking of visiting an EU Cultural Heritage Site this is your guide.




Jul 12, 2019



About the Guidebook

Here you should include your LETTER OF MOTIVATION (see Sessions 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the Lesson Unit)

Number 1. Start journey in a Member State of the European Union.

Number 2. Travel between 1 day and up to one month inclusive. 

Number 3. Travel to Member States of the European Union. 

Number 4. Quiz of 5 multiple-choice questions regarding: general knowledge about the European Union, European Union initiatives targeting young people and the European Parliament elections (see in particular Session 1 of the Lesson Unit)

Number 6. Answer a subsidiary question (e.g. motivation to visit a Cultural Heritage Site) (Session 5)

Number 7. Information about travel plans (Sessions 3 and 4)

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

FROM SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA TO BARCELONA (see Sessions 3 and 4 of the Lesson Unit)

Cultural Heritage Site: General Archive of the Crown of Aragon

Transport: Plane

Duration: 3h 34 minutes

Budget: from 20-146 euros

Other options here (see also Before you go section):  


Day 1:

See and Do: General Archive of the Crown of Aragon 

Eat and sleep: La Boquería and Ramblas Hotel

Day 2: 

See and Do: Gaudi's Barcelona

Eat and sleep: InterTapa and Ramblas Hotel

Day 3:  

See and Do: 

Museu Nacional d'Art de CatalunyaJoan Miró Foundation, Picasso Museum

Eat and sleep: Petit Montjuïc and Ramblas Hotel  

Day 4: 

See and Do: Gothic Quarter and Catedral de Barcelona

Eat and sleep: La Alcoba Azul and Ramblas Hotel

About the Author

I am a lecturer, researcher, a language and a literature lover. My passion for Linguistics has allowed me the opportunity to visit a great variety of places all around the world, being given the chance to present my research on the historical development of a grammatical structure of the English language. While visiting those places, I was priviledge enough to meet a great array of linguists who share similar interests to mine. These years of travelling certainly opened my mind.

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