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Get Lost in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Get Lost in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Lost in Santa a local expression, perfectly describes what happens to many, me included, when they discover this priceless gem on the Nicoya Peninsula. Once upon a time Santa Teresa was just a sleepy little beach town that surfers, artists and yogis from around the world stumbled upon. Many stayed creating a wonderfully eclectic, International community. This guide is about helping you get lost and staying lost in paradise.




May 5, 2014






About the Guidebook

Adjusting to a new culture takes time, however this guide will really help you reduce the time it takes to feel comfortable by telling you the best places to go to meet people, where to go to buy things, who to use / trust etc. So if you are thinking of coming down for a month, 6 or maybe even for ever you will fin this guide really useful

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

I have lived in Santa Teresa for eight years, originally from the UK I moved here with my wife and young child and ended up having three more children. I have learnt to surf, I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge about the things to do, things to avoid and how to make your transition to a new country easier.Costa Rica does have a reputation of being the happiest place on earth and the Ticos are indeed a friendly lot. However don't feel put off if you don't find the same level of warmth from the ex-pats in Santa Teresa. Initially  we are a bit of a stand offish group but thats only because we are so used to people coming and going, given time you will soon feel to part of this wonderful community.

There are some really good Facebook pages you should have a look at like "Whats on Santa Teresa" which has daily live updates on events and special offers and "Mal Pais Buy and Sell" which should be your first port of call when looking for anything!

If you happen to download my travel guide and wind up walking enjoying our amazing beaches message me and I'll show you around. I'm always around and more than happy to help free of charge, if you want more information or a very detailed guide built message me and I will prepare one for you, I am also happy to talk over the phone or Skype.

About the Author

I was born in the UK but have traveled and lived all over the world. My favourite place on this planet is Cape Town which is where I now call home. Before Cape Town I lived in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for 8 years so can write some pretty good guides for there too! I work in travel, live travel and have a family of travellers who come along with me. I look forward to helping you all find and plan that next special travel experience.