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Per day of trip planned

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An expert will share:

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Hungry, Thirsty, and Curious in Cape Town

Hungry, Thirsty, and Curious in Cape Town

Use this seven day itinerary to lose yourself in Cape Town; at some of the best spots, in the most amazing locations.




Nov 30, 2014



About the Guidebook

This guide provides you with a day to day plan on how to spend, and maximize your time in Cape Town; spending enough time, in certain area's and at various spots which will give you the full feeling of those locations. The trip will give you seven amazing days of getting lost and loose in Cape Town, starting on a mellow Monday and ending with a banging Sunday night! It will be an exciting time, but will also allow you to relax and take in the mystical wonders of Cape Town.

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

If you don't mind walking and taking the train to save some money, you can use the train to your advantage – catching the train to a station closer to your destination and then catching a cab from the station instead of a cab directly from the hotel should save you money. Walking to the station and catching the train is also time consuming in itself, and as we know time is money. So the choice is yours.

If you're looking for the bars/night clubs that will be a better call on specific nights or want a specific theme or genre of music, ask the people in the service industry – waiters and bar staff generally know the night life scene or will be able to offer some suggestions.

For reservations at The Bungalow and The Alphen's 5 Rooms, get hold of Clyde at The Bungalow, or Lydia at 5 Rooms. These two locations are both part of The Kove Collection, which offers a unique and exciting experience at any one of their restaurants. If you are going to stick to this guide, try spending some time making reservations for the week ahead.

An early morning hike up Lions head before starting the day's activities is always a great idea. Starting at 6:30, it shouldn't take longer than 1.5 / 2 hours, depending on the time spent on top.

About the Author

I've lived and worked all around Cape Town, this has allowed me to be exposed to the many different aspects, cultures, and secret spots in Cape Town. Having a need to keep things fresh and exciting, I have allowed my attention and thoughts to focus on various aspects of life, culture, social, and the constant, exciting evolution, that Cape Town and South Africa have to offer.

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