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Derek Bugley

Derek Bugley , Founder of Buggl & Curious Traveler

I've lived in Greater Boston for over 10 years in different neighborhoods - ranging from the North End, Brighton and the Seaport and Fort Point Channel. I was born in Boston and haven't left the city area for 32 years (minus some amazing travel).

I have a good pulse on what's opening up in this city. I also have a connected group of friends, bar & restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and startup founders who are eating around town all the time. I live in the hippest neighborhood of Fort Point / Seaport and I'll always be around to buy you a beer if you're here - or get you a reservation at any of the local restaurants if you can't get one yourself. Bottom line - I'm always writing guides for my friends; here are some of them!

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My Experience

  • Founder of Buggl

    I've spent the last couple of years dedicated to building a travel company that will allow people to created memorable experiences when they go away that will last a lot longer than the jet lag.

  • Seaport Resident

    I've lived in the hottest new neighborhood of Boston for over 5 years. I've seen it develop into a wonderful place and still undiscovered by most travelers upon arrival to Boston. I have a nice heartbeat on new openings and secret events happening here.

  • Running Junkie

    Something important to me when I visit a new city is putting my headphones on and running around to get a feel. I've logged thousands of hours doing that in Boston so I have a live on the ground radar for hip new spots opening, cool running routes or romantic walks. Anything and everything you might find, I've already discovered with my running shoes on!

Featured Guides

  • FREE

    Boston's Seaport Revival

    Very few neighborhoods in Boston have seen growth like the Seaport in Boston has over the last 5 years.  I've lived through it and I wanted to share the hippest new places that have opened and a guide to explore them!

    Guide Boston's Seaport Revival cover United States Nov 27 2013
  • FREE

    Top Ten places to avoid in Boston

    This travel guide highlights the main tourist attractions in Boston and how to avoid, but enjoy them.  Don't come to Boston thinking you need to check these places off your list for a good trip!

    Guide Top Ten places to avoid in Boston cover United States Aug 28 2013
  • FREE

    Get out of the Suburbs!

    This travel guide will you give a quick and fun city recharge for a weekend.  I've shared my favorite, under the radar places, that my girlfriend and I as well as other fun 30 something couples go to relax on weekends!

    Guide Get out of the Suburbs! cover United States Aug 28 2013
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