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Published Guides of Derek Bugley

  • $2.99

    Walk with Lions and see Kruger Park. A wildlife lovers guide to South Africa.

    Self drive through the most beautiful national park in the world, Kruger.  Follow that up by walking with wild Lions in the bush. 

     South Africa Feb 3 2015
  • FREE

    A Music Junkie's Guide to Boston

    My favorite above and underground locations to hear music that's not refined, raw and to the roots of what music should be.  

     United States May 7 2014
  • $4.99

    Into the Wild, Namibia Self Drive

    This travel guide will prepare you for the beauty and wilds of Namibia.  It's safe, awe-inspiring and life changing.  

     Namibia Apr 28 2014
  • FREE

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    A gentleman's guide to shopping in Boston

     United States Jan 7 2014
  • FREE

    Get Shucked on Oysters & Seafood in Boston

    Boston and Seafood should be an easy pairing, but not if you rely on TripAdvisor and tourist traps.  Here's the skinny...

     United States Dec 17 2013
  • FREE

    Boston's Seaport Revival

    Very few neighborhoods in Boston have seen growth like the Seaport in Boston has over the last 5 years.  I've lived through it and I wanted to share the hippest new places that have opened and a guide to explore them!

     United States Nov 27 2013
  • $0.50

    Damn it feels good to be a gangster

    Come walk in the footsteps of Whitey Bulger and his mob,  this travel guide will show you their old haunts and greatest 'hits'.

     United States Oct 28 2013
  • FREE

    Top Ten places to avoid in Boston

    This travel guide highlights the main tourist attractions in Boston and how to avoid, but enjoy them.  Don't come to Boston thinking you need to check these places off your list for a good trip!

     United States Aug 28 2013