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Linda Markovina

Linda Markovina , writer and photographer

I work as a freelance a Photojournalist, Travel and Fiction Writer. I consider myselself to be the better looking half of Moving Sushi and the only one who is ever online. I blog on behalf of different online travel magazines and my main loves are writing about travel, the natural world around us and how we as people interact with it. As long as it’s not anything to do with snakes. Snakes give me the willies

I love my African continent and to really get stuck in when I travel.I am incredibly lucky to have a very adventurous lifestyle and to spend my time working and playing along Africa's incredible coastlines. I hope I can offer some exiting,off beat,beautiful and meaningful guides so you can also get a taste of this exceptional continent.Feel free to say hi if you see me stuck in a mud hole or covered in seaweed.

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My Experience

  • Moving Sushi

    For two years myself and my husband drove from Cape Town to Japan and back through the more stranger, wilder and overlooked places across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Arabian peninsula photographing, writing and documenting people making a difference in the ocean environment.We now do expeditions every year, using science and exploration to uncover new and exiting things in our marine world.

  • The East African Marine Transect

    I lived for four months on a boat diving up the East African coastline on an expedition to document the largest ever underwater data base of the East African coral reef. Our little team of 6 did over 234 dives and spent nearly 138 hours underwater.

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    South Africa is the kind of country that makes your jaw drop at every turn. And underwater is no exception to this. 

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    Diving Festivals of South Africa

    Don't just go diving, be a part of the community underwater celebrations of three of South Africa's premiere underwater festivals

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