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Much more than the Opera House

Much more than the Opera House


What to do in Sydney besides the famous sights. Exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world like a local.




Oct 9, 2014



About the Guidebook

Coastal walks, international cuisine, local pubs...  there is much more in Sydney than the famous sights. 

Missing out all of this would mean you are missing the real Australian culture.

I will add more local secrets to this guide from time to time (maybe weekly) so you can have enough information to choose from, according to your style.

If you have any requests, feel free to contact me. I am a Sydney ambassador and I am always happy to help.   

Come with me, and discover a totally new Sydney.  

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Warning: Sydney is highly addictive. Be aware that you might fall in love with the city and might not want to leave Australia. If it happens to you, don't worry, it is more common than you imagine! You can always change your flight at the end ;)

My knowledge about Sydney:

When I first arrived in Australia 6 years ago, I had no idea that I would stay for so long. The idea was to visit a friend and complete a short Marketing course before returning home. I would be back to Brazil in 6 months maximum 

I have tried to leave Australia many times but, as I often say, there is a kind of magic in this land that never lets me go.

Australia is a whole different world to be explored. Everything is different, everything is new. And Sydney is where everything happens!

I have traveled extensively around Australia but Sydney is where my heart got trapped. I have been a tourist, a student, an expat and now a local (holding an Australian passport).

I have helped hundreds of people to re-discover this amazing city and have a real Aussie experience, making sure that they go where the locals go, eat what they eat and do what they do. 

This is my contribution to help you see Sydney from a local perspective and go beyond what every tourist will see. 

Grab the runners! Today is all about being outside.

Enjoy a full day of activities finishing with a cold beer in a very cosy Aussie pub.

A day to remember!

Enjoy the day and let me know how it goes.


About the Author

I am absolutely passionate about the world and I am always looking for opportunities to learn. I believe that “traveling is for everyone” and therefore I have created the “Pack and Go Movement” to motivate people to start traveling now! Currently working in the International Education Marketing field, I have assisted thousands of exchange students to travel overseas throughout my career. I write about my international experiences in my blog: www.firsttimeforeigner.com. Pass by to say hello :)

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