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Mystic side of Granada, caves, tales, music and culture

Mystic side of Granada, caves, tales, music and culture 

Here is an old town with enchanting secrets, occupied caves, mysticism & the flamenco world wrapped around Arabic rich culture.




Mar 4, 2015

About the Guidebook

A tour to the thousand year old caves,  plazas for live music performances, great local restaurants and beautiful enchanting restaurants... The best views of Granada from the top of the  monte and in the old town of Albayzin. About the Alhambra palace, Secret walks through Sacromonte with hidden waterfalls. Arab baths, shops, hookah and flamenco performance venues. Aswell as workshops and dance classes from flamenco dance,song, palms and guitar. 

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

There are  cave tour guides who may even take you in the night to discover the caves. In Sacromonte the last years they have been made a spectical an tour attraction to bring tourist, but if you find staircases near Verea de en Medio and follow your way up towards el mirador de san miguel you will find the occupied and illegal caves. All wich have been lived in by people the last thousand years, they believe the slaves who built the Alahmbra palace lived in these caves which were also arab and the flamenco music is know to have started in those times in this same caves! Besides the caves there are many beautiful hidden  views to check out and plazas where famous Paco de Lucia once performed like San miguel Bajo where you will today find some of the greatest musicians studying guitar and performance playing a gratitute show for your eating experience. usually Tapas with a drink, however these muscians sacrifise there convenient life to devote themselves to there love for music and the rich experience of street performance Be sure to tip the artist. The Alahmbra palace can be seen with appt. through interenet or simply the putside for free. Sacromonte has the most enchanted caves fixed by people and travelers and gypsies aswell. Some that are magnificent hand made works of art. In the sacromonte is also where You will find the best Flamenco performances almost every night. 

About the Author

I am a street performing musician/ writer... Currently traveling the world!

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