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Nearly Free Paris - 48 Hours Very Little Money

Nearly Free Paris - 48 Hours Very Little Money

Paris doesn't have to be expensive, as a matter a fact there are a tone of attractions you can do and see for free.




May 1, 2014



About the Guidebook

Paris is an expensive city. That is all I ever hear when talking about traveling there.  “You don’t want to spend too many days in Paris, it is too much money.” But did you know that there are many free things to do in Paris? Not only are there many things to do in Paris that are free or cheap, they are actually some of the most famous sites in the entire city. What we love about Paris is that the architecture and history is so rich and interesting, that you don’t have to spend a penny to have a great time there.

Here is an insiders guide to a list of free and cheap things that we found to do in Paris. 

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

This guide will give you suggestions on how to save money in Paris from transportation to tours. What area to stay in and where to eat. There are many sights to see in Paris that won't cost you a penny. Paris can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. While we would all love to splurge on a weekend in Paris, we can't all afford it. 

However you can still have an amazing getaway to the city and feel content that you saw and did it all in just 48 hours. Paris is surprisingly small and if you take the metro, put on a pair of comfortable shoes or even get an all inclusive Paris Pass, you can see much of it in a short time and on a tight budget. 

What are the top sights? Where are the best views? You'll find it all here. 

About the Author

Hi We're Dave and Deb and we aim to inspire adventure in everyone. We explore the globe one experience at a time showcasing our real time journey at our Travel Blog, ThePlanetD. Married for 15 years, we are living our dream working and traveling together. As spokespeople and international ambassadors, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top brands – while inspiring people to follow their own dreams and push their boundaries. For us, every day is a new adventure.

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