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Peace of Mind, Flexiblity and a Lighter Load in Costa Rica

Peace of Mind, Flexiblity and a Lighter Load in Costa Rica

Costa Rica makes you feel young again! Yes lot's of people fly down for a bit of nip and tuck but you can also find an array of healthier options to find your youthful vigor again. From world class Yoga to SUP tours, mediation and raw food cleanses you can come back rejuvenated, alive and with a inner sense of happiness




Dec 26, 2013



About the Guidebook

Most people initially associate Costa Rica with Surf, Sun and Sex and it sure does have a lot of that and more. However in my little town, Santa Teresa, hidden away at the end fo a bumpy, dirt road at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula we also have a huge array of other more relaxing and healthier options.

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Having lived as an ex-pat (originally from the UK) in Santa Teresa for eight years, I have deep knowledge on what to do, when to do it and how. I can also tell you how to get the best deals, choose the best Yoga instructors (there are loads), masseuse's and where to find that secret beach.

If you find trying your hand at surfing we have some great waves and wonderful surf instructors. From raw food cleanses favored by A-List Celebs to the best Yoga teachers, SUP tours, Reiki and masseuses I know it all.

Perhaps the most important consideration is when to go. Most tourists travel in the dry months from December to April. Yes it does not rain but its hot, dusty and crowded, if you can avoid Easter week and the few weeks between Christmas and New Year, its very expensive and busy busy! Everyone who lives here favors the rainy season, there is NO dust, its cheaper and everyone is just on a happier vibe. Also lets get this straight the rainy season is not that rainy unless its in September or October, Ok you may get unlucky for a few days but its worth it.

There are some really good Facebook pages you should have a look at like "Whats on Santa Teresa" which has daily live updates on events and special offers. If you happen to download my travel guide and wind up walking enjoying our amazing beaches message me and I'll show you around. I'm always around and more than happy to help free of charge - maybe you can treat me to a cold beer for helping you customize your holiday a little more.

About the Author

I was born in the UK but have traveled and lived all over the world. My favourite place on this planet is Cape Town which is where I now call home. Before Cape Town I lived in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for 8 years so can write some pretty good guides for there too! I work in travel, live travel and have a family of travellers who come along with me. I look forward to helping you all find and plan that next special travel experience.

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