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Portland from a native who visits with fresh eyes.

Portland from a native who visits with fresh eyes.

One of the new hippest cities in the US, everyone thinks they know Portland. But discover the city between mustaches and Merlot.




Aug 5, 2014



About the Guidebook

You want to visit the hip, trendy city of Portland that you've heard so much about, and why wouldn't you? It's beautiful, perfectly located between the beach and the mountains, has good food/wine/beer/coffee and the people are usually pretty friendly.

But you don't want to go where everyone else is going - that's not the point.

The idea of this guide is to give you a quick overview of some of the favorite places to see and visit while in Stumptown. A bit of shopping, a bit of eating and definitely some drinking. This isn't for people looking for hipster dance clubs or wanting to spend their whole time in sales tax-free heaven, but offers a good mix of neighborhoods, sights and sounds.

There's so much more that isn't a part of this guide, like the entire quadrant of North Portland, but included here is what I did with my Aussie boyfriend when he came to visit the first time.

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

If you're looking for some locals to show you the best new brewery or introduce you to the tastiest cider, or just need a good idea on where to grab some food or go for a hike, the locals in Portland are the ones to talk to.

There is a bit everything to do in and around Portland. It's easy to escape the city with a walk in Forest Park just above downtown, drive to Mt. Hood or even up to Seattle for the day. Divided into 5 "quadrants", you can spend a couple days in each of them to feel the city, then head outside the city limits for a few nights of camping at the base of the mountain or with a group of friends on a surfing trip.

Getting around the city can be done easily in a rental car, though you will find most locals on bikes, walking or using public transport. It's not a sprawling place and you can walk from Northwest to Southeast easily - if you want to take the time!

While Portland has a lot to offer year round, most people find the spring and summer months the best time to visit. Once October comes around, though to about April, you can expect many days of rain which may put a damper on some of the outdoor activities. At least there's always a pub or cafe to duck into in the case of a rainstorm!


About the Author

A native Oregonian and proud of where I'm from, I am an adventurous spirit and avid traveler! I love experiencing new places, meeting new people and trying new food (and beer!) with my best friend and soul mate, Matt. We love walking around towns and cities and seeing places through the eyes of locals. We'll always try to fit in a visit to a brewery or distillery and appreciate street food as much as fine dining. My blog can be read at http://dreamingjoslyn.wordpress.com/

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