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The Beautiful Urals

The Beautiful Urals

Marking the border between Europe and Asia, the Ural Mountains stretch from the Arctic Sea in the north to Kazakhstan in the South




Oct 3, 2017

About the Guidebook

This travelguide is meant for those who want to travel the unknown. People that like to find themselfs in teh most isolated places of the world. All these locations I have been to myself and I highly recommend everything. Russian culture has always amazed me, and experiencing it here (in the Urals) makes me never want to leave that place. Ofcourse this is is based on preferation over other countries. Everyone still chooses for themsleves.

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

These are some handy tips if you decide to travel to the Urals or Russia in general:

Make sure you start applying for your Visa in time. I live in the Netherlands and it took me at least 2,5 weeks. You need the following data: You need a permit of your insurance stating that you are insured in Russia for the time of your stay (contact your insurancecompany), You need to fill in an application form online. You cant make any mistakes in this! The last thing you need is the most difficult to get your hands on. You need an invitation from a Russian connection stating that you will travel and stay with them. This can be a from acquaintances or a Travel company.

The easiest way and also cheapest is to go a travelagency or touroperating office in your own neigborhood. They can help you, and it will be a lot less stress.

Now moving on to the practical tips.


The most important one in my opinion: The Cyrillic Alphabet

Ofcourse its not necessary to learn to whole language, but you need to know at least the Cyrillic Alphabet. In the Urals nobody speaks english. Literally nobody. Also the is nothing written in the standard alphabet we know. Its all in the Cyrillic Alphabet. Its really useful to learn this Alphabet. Imagine you walk in a restaurant and you get your menu, but you can read a single word of it. Its hard to order then isn't it? Just try to learn the Alphabet, its not very difficult.

Dont believe everything you hear about Russia. Often the media talks really negative about Russia (especially in the USA). Dont believe all this nonsense. You won't feel unsafe your whole trip, I can guarentee it. Dont listen to all the horror-stories you see online. My tip for you is to arrive with an open mind and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

About the Author

I am a student from 's-Hertogenbosch, located in The Netherlands. At the moment I follow an education about Tourism. I travel a lot since I love doing it. In all these years I travelled, I developed an onorthodox love for the Slavic world, especially East-Slavic. I hope many of you will experience this and I would be proud if could help.

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