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The Cowboy Trail, the Ultimate Alberta Road Trip

The Cowboy Trail, the Ultimate Alberta Road Trip

Follow the historic Cowboy Trail in Southern Alberta to explore history, high mountain trail rides, dinosaur digs and epic hikes.




Feb 25, 2014



About the Guidebook

Alberta is a great Canadian province to take a road trip. Most people head due West from Calgary to Banff and then work their way to Jasper eventually heading out of Alberta towards British Columbia, but we’ve got a Southern Alberta Travel Guide You’re gonna love! We recently explored the Cowboy Trail from Calgary to the Rocky Mountains, into the prairies and out of the badlands.

Take a high mountain Trail Ride with expert guides, hunt for Dinosaur bones, See World Heritage Site, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Hike through the stunning Waterton Lakes National Park and witness the unique rock formations known as Hoodoos.

This is the ultimate road trip through Rocky Mountains to the Prairies taking you on a journey through different landscapes, history and culture.

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

In this guide you'll get an outline of the route you will take from Calgary all the way around Southern Alberta. Find the perfect spot to ride a horse in the mountain and stay at a real working ranch. Eat at a local Saloon where Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson filmed parts of Shanghai Noon and stay at the same bed and breakfast they took up residence during their film shoot. 

You'll get a complete 10 day itinerary taking you through the best of Southern Alberta. Find the best tour to take at Dinosaur National Park to actually see dinosaur bones, but also discover the best views. 

Learn where to stop on the side of the road for the best photo opportunities, the best spot to get poutine and apple pie and little detours to take you to places you may not have even heard of. 

It's the perfect mix of adventure travel, historical lessons, stunning scenery and wildlife encounters. 


About the Author

Hi We're Dave and Deb and we aim to inspire adventure in everyone. We explore the globe one experience at a time showcasing our real time journey at our Travel Blog, ThePlanetD. Married for 15 years, we are living our dream working and traveling together. As spokespeople and international ambassadors, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top brands – while inspiring people to follow their own dreams and push their boundaries. For us, every day is a new adventure.

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