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Top Ten Dives for South Africa

Top Ten Dives for South Africa

South Africa is the kind of country that makes your jaw drop at every turn. And underwater is no exception to this. 




Sep 25, 2013

About the Guidebook

Diving South Africa can be an extremely exciting adventure and is certainly not for the faint hearted. You can get good diving all year round here. There can be bad diving days like most dive sites in the world, but if you are in the right place at the right time and you just plan ahead a little, you will have a dive experience that you will remember for the rest of you life.

These are the pick of the dives I have been doing over the years and ten reasons to make your next holiday to South Africa a diving one. 

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Look, diving can be a little bit intimidating for someone that has not been brought up around the sea. In South Africa we break records. Our diving men and women have gone further and deeper on scuba than most sane people would like to comprehend. Our ocean life is not always placid. We have whales that breach, bait balls of sardines that literally make the water bubble and we have sharks. BIG ones. That also breach. We have weather, waves and some of the most magnificent underwater marine life to rival anywhere in the world. There is a reason the BBC films around our seas, it’s that good.  

You may be taught as a diver that “you are responsible for your own diving experience” but diving in South Africa is so much more than that. It is being part of a community that gets giddy when they talk about release valves, how to inflate an smb, shark species and habits, whale season and getting salt between your eyelashes. Diving can allow you to see a country from a whole new perspective, and I hope this guidebook will motivate you to try something new.  

I did not regret it, and I don’t think you will either.  

In this guide I have included two sneaky extra diving experiences that I think should not be left of any diving list just because they are not necessarily diving sites. To help you on your way I have included Tips to make the most of each dive site, Diving check list, Dive doctor contacts, how to find the best dive operator, List of South African Dive clubs, Links to top South African marine scientists and ocean experts in their respective fields to get you exited and informed about the South African underwater world.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on twitter and I will endeavor to help you out or put you in touch with someone who can.

About the Author

I work as a freelance a Photojournalist, Travel and Fiction Writer. I consider myselself to be the better looking half of Moving Sushi and the only one who is ever online. I blog on behalf of different online travel magazines and my main loves are writing about travel, the natural world around us and how we as people interact with it. As long as it’s not anything to do with snakes. Snakes give me the willies

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