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Wine, Caves and the Wolfsberg Cracks

Wine, Caves and the Wolfsberg Cracks

An awesome weekend of hiking, camping, wine tasting and caving.




Feb 3, 2014

About the Guidebook

One of my favourite weekends of camping. An amazing venue with something for everyone from families to friends on a weekend away. There are spectacular caves accessible to all, rock art, South Africa's highest vineyard (with an incredible selection of award winning wines and a super cheap tasting option) and the BEST walk I've ever done. Spent a good few hours laughing on the way up (the way down was a different story!).

Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

Definitely book in advance if travelling Southern Hemisphere Summer. 

The vineyard can supply tickets for all the walks and caves and the great wines. They also run the nearby campsite, where you can camp or get one of their cabins. 

About the Author

I have been involved in field work and travel for over 15 years and now enjoying the outdoor life with my wife and two young kids, based in Cape Town. Amongst my achievements I'm proud to include a large marine biology publications list and an insatiable thirst for South Africa's wines. As well as holding two degrees, I'm a qualified dive instructor and a Fellow of both the Royal Geographic Society and the Zoological Society of London.

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